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BerichtGeplaatst: Di 14 Okt 2014, 06:44
door kimsbored
Hi guys,

I have a question about gearing.
I am going to use a motor upto 35000rpm so I want to lower the gearing.
Am I able to use a 49t z4 gear as a spur gear?

And with that, can I use a 14t z3 gear as the pinion gear?

Overall I want my gearing to be:


Re: Gearing

BerichtGeplaatst: Di 14 Okt 2014, 20:10
door Onno
To put it short: no you cannot.
Diameteres and distance do vary you cannot swop Z1 to a different place.
Note you can gear down a lot even suitable for bigger wheels like they are for a Monster or so.
Check this link for your options:
gear ratios

Next I highly doubt an engine excists which revs out to 35.000rpm, even when all can rotate free (wheels of the ground). That is I except you will have a 2 stroke engine in there...
You will be a very happy camper if you can get on a track towards +20.000rpm when racing. In 90% or more cases you will not reach this rpm, that is if you will reach it...
Engines I know of rev up to 25000rpm and believe me it feels then as if they are about to explode :mrgreen:

Last but not least if you run at a rc track: speed is in your finger not in your engine

Which beast do you put in which makes a crazy 35000rpm?
Any pics or better vids?

Re: Gearing

BerichtGeplaatst: Wo 15 Okt 2014, 07:39
door kimsbored
Thanks Onno, yeah i will put up pics when I get the chance :)

Re: Gearing

BerichtGeplaatst: Do 16 Okt 2014, 07:18
door Onno
Is it a 2-stroke engine Kim, or is it something different??
Look forward seeing what you have in mind.