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Indoor racing

BerichtGeplaatst: Di 14 Jan 2014, 12:04
door LarsA
Hi there,

I am trying to organise some indoor racing here in DK, we have several times rented a "riding stable". But often we are destroying the track surface within an hour or two.
The result is, that we have stop the race and work on the track. We would like to avoid this, if possible..

How do you keep the track in an OK condition, when you have the races in NL?
Do you just water the track really good before the race or what?

Hope to get some inputs.... thanks..

Re: Indoor racing

BerichtGeplaatst: Wo 15 Jan 2014, 19:57
door Oscar

its offroad racing, so idealists would say don't do anything and just drive.
Sometimes the bigger holes are filled but most times nothing is done.

A lot depends also on the shape of the circuit, if you have a lot of hairpin corners there will be spots where everybody brakes and everybody goes on the throttle, building a smooth track with not so much hairpins will keep the track better in shape.

This was a Quartz H tyre race where the track went pretty bad (halfway the day).


Re: Indoor racing

BerichtGeplaatst: Do 16 Jan 2014, 09:44
door LarsA
Thanks for your input Oscar,

We will try to avoid hairpin turns, when we can ;)

We are not working on the track, to get it smooth. More to avoid problems with the owners.
They doesn't like if we start to dig, into the "bottom". The loose soil is OK..

Re: Indoor racing

BerichtGeplaatst: Do 16 Jan 2014, 19:04
door T.Vander Elst
I don't have a translation for this,

but the picture says more then words:


they used this at the snertrace last weekend, and the track lasted for quite some time.

Re: Indoor racing

BerichtGeplaatst: Ma 03 Feb 2014, 08:03
door LarsA
Thanks for the tip, Tim.
I think we could try this another time.

And just to follow up....
We had the race Saturday, there was 32 drivers in total, we raced from 09 til aorund 16:30.
We had to work on the track at lunch time, except that it held up really good.